Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

BEIT Europa attaches great importance to providing high-quality, readily available, accessible services to all its customers, and makes every effort to ensure that information and services are also accessible to customers with disabilities.

This commitment to accessibility extends to the company’s digital assets, as well as to its physical buildings and infrastructure.

All adjustments are made in accordance with the provisions and regulations of Israel’s Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law.

 Website Accessibility

 BEIT Europa website offers easy and convenient access to everyone.

 The website meets the requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law (Accessibility Adjustments for Service) 5763-2013, and complies with the recommendations of the Israeli standard (IS 5568) for Level AA web content accessibility and the international WCAG 2.0 document.

 The website has been mobile-optimized and adjusted to be display on the most popular browsers.

 The BEIT Europa website was specifically designed to be navigated easily and conveniently. The content is written clearly, so it can be use by all users.

The site’s accessibility button opens a menu with accessibility profile options, such as: color adjustments, screen reader, keyboard navigation, block blinking, text color contrast, font size adjustment, and more. Users can choose one option or mix and match in accordance with their own preferences.

After the user selects the options best suited to their needs, the site quickly adjusts, so all content can be easily read and understood.


Activating the Site’s Accessibility Profiles

BEIT Europa has implemented the advanced Andi UA system, which tailors the site’s UX to accommodate users’ accessibility needs.The system displays an accessibility. Clicking the button opens a menu with the following options:

For people with color blindness and visual impairments:

  • Text Color Contrast: Inverts the site’s color scheme
  • Monochromatic Colors: Reformats the site to grayscale (black and white)

For people with blindness and visual impairments:

  • Screen Reader: The site is optimized for use with screen-reading software

For people who have difficulty using a mouse:

  • Keyboard Navigation: The site can be effectively navigated while solely using the keyboard

For people with epilepsy:

  • Block Blinking: Flickering and flashing elements are disabled

More assistance:

  • Help: Additional information is provided over each element to aid navigation

 In addition, users can customize font size, color scheme, and more settings, as needed.

Contact Us:

BEIT Europa Direct: +972-4-6169999

Fax: +972-4-6169998



Rooms and public areas are accessible:


Accessible rooms:

  • There is 1 Apartment.
  • Apartment num. 9, on the third floor.
  • The distance between the elevator the room is 15 meters.
  • The width of the door: 85 cm.
  • The width of the door in the bathroom: 80 cm
  • The size of the shower: 180/180 cm
  • The height of the bed in the room: 55 cm.

Accessible entrances to the BEIT Europa

  • The distance between disabled parking and the main entrance to the hotel: 20 meters.
  • Main entrance door width: 100 cm

Inspiratory loops for the hearing impaired

  • In the reception area there is a lowered and adapted counter

Accessible elevators

  • The width of the door: 80 cm.
  • Elevator size: 100/120 cm.
  • Embossed buttons are available and include braille

Accessibility in the dining room

  • There is accessible access to the dining room
  • The height of the buffet for self-service: 90 cm

Accessibility guidelines

You can view at: