Attractions and places for recreation in the North

Attractions and places for recreation in the North

Water sports, kayaking, flower and fruit-picking, amazing bathing beaches, a zoo, cycling and more, these are just some of the attractions and pastimes that can be integrated into any vacation in the North in general “and at the BEIT Europe” in Tiberias.

The attractions in the north are suitable for everyone, adults, families, young people and more. Everyone will find here the type of entertainment and attractions they like.

Curious to hear about the great attractions, here we go

Kinneret offers a selection of wonderful beaches where you should go, catch some sun, get into the water and enjoy.

Doga beach – offers a shaded stretch of beach with seven dunams of grass on a beach that some claim is the most beautiful beach in the Kinneret.

The beach is one of the recommended beaches for families. It has a wide stretch of beach and a large bathing space in the water, large meadows, umbrellas that provide shade and attractions for children, a new and well-invested playground, a complex of water fountains and more. If you are looking for a quiet beach, this is the place for you, on the beach it is forbidden to play music and it is forbidden to turn on amplification systems.

The beach operates a buffet between the hours of 8:00-20:00, there are lifeguard services, changing rooms and clean toilets with hot and cold water and organized parking.

Gofra Beach – At Gofra Beach located on the east bank of the Sea of Galilee, you can simply place a mattress on the water’s edge and connect to the sound of the waves, be quiet, disconnect and not think about what will happen tomorrow. This is one of the recommended beaches for families with children, it has a playground for children, a boardwalk on the waterfront, picnic tables, shaded areas, a mini market and lifeguard services.

Tzemach Beach – which for many years was one of the most popular beaches in the Sea of Galilee, is back in a renewed version. It is a lovely bathing beach with spacious lawns, with shade awnings, deckchairs, sunbeds, with all the resort facilities that used to be there, with a water park and with many options for water activities such as bananas, pedal boats, tubes, jet skis, water skiing and more.

The beach has a snack bar and restaurant, lifeguard services, toilets and showers. Free parking!


water sport

On the shores of the Kinneret you can do a variety of attractive water sports activities for couples, families and groups. You can water ski in ski boats, ride a jet ski Rent boats for self-sailing, make kayaks, SUP, sports bananas and tubes in many sizes and types such as gliding tube, carousel, “Tiger-Shark” and more.

Self-picking in the Golan Heights

If you feel like going on a “tasty” experience different from the usual experiences and attractions, come to a self-picking day in the Golan Heights.

In the months between May and July you can go self-picking in many orchards and plantations in the north. The owners of the orchards invite visitors to pick cherries, apples, peaches, grapes, figs and more straight from the tree. Here you can walk with the children alone in the orchards or orchards and pick the fruits of the season for your enjoyment.

A Malul farm in Moshav Shaal offers self-picking of cherries, berries, red raspberries, wild strawberries, field strawberries and more. You can eat as much as you want and buy fruit to take home. Here you will find seating areas with a spectacular view of the Kinneret and the Hula Valley, a cafeteria in a magical structure of mud, joy, and a fun atmosphere.

In Berkat Ram, in a cherry orchard overlooking the Hermon, you can pick cherries straight from the tree and enjoy a delicious and warm Druze pita.

Moshav Odem in the north of the Golan Heights invites you to pick berries and cherries. During and after the harvest you can enjoy shaded seating areas and a cafe on site.

Self-picking Roni, located in the village of Buqaata in the Golan Heights, invites families, groups of friends and couples to the experience of picking cherries of different varieties. During the harvest you can enjoy free eating of the fruits growing in the orchard.

In Kibbutz El Rom in the Golan Heights are the highest cherry and apple orchards in the country, at an altitude of 1100 meters in a spectacular pastoral landscape and clear mountain air. In addition to the picking experience, in the kibbutz orchards you can enjoy shaded seating areas, a rich Druze feast, a cafeteria and other attractions. Here you can buy a variety of fruits such as : cherries, raspberries and blueberries packed.

The Bereshit orchard in Bein Zivan in the Golan is the largest orchard in Israel for self-picking. Here you can pick according to the season, cherries, raspberries, pears, nectarines, peaches, Osana, apples, figs and grapes, and eat as many as you want and take home, for a fee.

In addition, you can enjoy a playground, an animal corner, a climbing wall, a “waddle” pool, a cafe, sitting areas, hammocks and picnic tables, some of the facilities are for a fee.

Jordan Chariots

The Jordan Chariots invite you to trips and activities in the Jordan Valley by the Jordan and the Sea of Galilee.

At the entrance to the Kinneret group, Uri the coachman awaits you, who will take you in green vehicles with rounded roofs in the style of the chariots of old to magical and hidden corners to discover new places that you probably haven’t known yet.

Together with Uri, you will travel among amazing scenery, among animals, among date groves, among corn fields, you will visit groves of plums and eucalyptus trees, you will camp by lakes and tributaries where fish were once raised, and between a cup of tea and laughter you will be able to hear the stories of the Land of Israel that Uri will tell you seasoned with his songs The Land of Israel and with authentic food that Uri prepares himself over tabon and coals.

Jordan Chariots offer additional activities such as milking goats, plowing the field, horseback riding, pioneer cooking and more.

kayaks in Jordan

Among streams of water, among sea turtles and different types of fish and among tangled vegetation, come on a crazy kayak trip. There is hardly a person who does not like and enjoy kayaking and there is no better place to do it than the beautiful Jordan River.

Abukaik invites you for a kayak cruise that starts in the Jordan Park and ends in the Sea of Galilee. Come disconnect from everyday life and go out accompanied by a guide for a pastoral kayak cruise in an area full of lush vegetation. The many rains that have fallen in recent years have created new lagoons and incredible terrain conditions that should not be missed. During the cruise you can meet fish swimming in the water, sea turtles resting on the banks, enjoy the chirping of the birds, the peace and quiet.

If you are looking for a more adventurous and challenging cruise, by rafting the Jordan River you can go on an exciting and challenging kayak cruise in a green piece of paradise.

The cruise that starts from rafting the Jordan River near Kibbutz Gadot to the flour mill of Masad Atarot passes through rich river vegetation, in the shade of eucalyptus and fig trees, enters the route of the river’s natural channel and ends after a surprising and exciting river bend.


The Jordanian is located between the Degania Dam in the west of the Kinneret and the Alomot Dam. It is a baptismal site that attracts many Christians from all over the world.

Not for nothing is the place called “paradise for waders”, here you can spread out a mat, lie down and disconnect from the world or enjoy bathing and wading in the section of the river where the water flows slowly and allows bathers to enjoy quiet, cool and pleasant water for bathing. On the banks of the river there are “tarzans” – ropes tied to trees where at the end of the rope there are pieces of wood perpendicular to the rope – and tree trunks that have grown above the water that allow you to jump from them straight into the Jordan water.

The zoo in Degania

The zoo in Dagenia is not as big as most of the zoos we know, but this is perhaps the secret of its charm. Here you can meet many types of animals such as black swans, special peacocks, kangaroos, ducks, parrots, giant Sudanese turtles, chickens, capuchin monkeys and more. At the end of the organized walking route, you can enter the safari complex, feel like you are in nature and meet other animals, goats, emo, deer, elk and more.

A visit to the Dagenia zoo is a delightful experience for families with children of any age.


Bicycles for rent

Between the mountains shining in the sunlight, between the flowing streams of water, between the green landscape and the fields, between the chirping of the birds, there is nothing like renting bicycles and going for a trip on a bicycle

Bicycle tours are an excellent opportunity to go on a sporty and high-quality journey among the picturesque roads and routes in the north of the country, in the Upper Galilee, in the Lower Galilee, in the Golan Heights, in the Kinneret region, and more.

If you like to ride and you didn’t come equipped with your bike, there are many points throughout the north where you can rent bikes, meet other riders, exchange information and get recommendations on suitable routes, information on attractions, on restaurants in the area and more.

You can choose between mountain bikes, off-road bikes, road bikes, tandem bikes for double riding, bikes with baby seats or with a rickshaw and more….

After spending time in several attractions in Tfo

and you will be left with a taste for more, you are invited to come back and stay at the    “BEIT Europe”, enjoy additional attractions and collect new experiences..