Shabbat of the groom at BEIT EUROPA

Shabbat of the groom at BEIT EUROPA

Groom’s Sabbath is a Sabbath that falls before or after the marriage, depending on the custom of the community. On this Shabbat, the members of the different denominations have different customs, but the main and common custom for all of all is that the groom ascends to the Torah.

As a daughter of a traditional family that usually celebrates the groom’s Shabbat in the synagogue together with our community, I was very surprised when I received an invitation from my cousin Sima from Rishon Lezion in which she invited me to come celebrate the groom’s Shabbat with them at Beit Europa in Tiberias.

BEIT EUROPA, I said to myself, who even heard of this, and Tiberias, what are we even doing there for Shabbat, but a cousin is a cousin and reluctantly we packed our bags and went to celebrate Shabbat for Itzik who got married a few days ago

We arrived at BEIT EUROPA in a “no choice” mood, but let’s face it, Itzik’s son-in-law’s Shabbat became a great experience that we won’t soon forget.


BEIT EUROPA – a combination of Jewish tradition and values with pampering vacation conditions

At  BEIT EUROPA , which is in a perfect location by the promenade of Tiberias and in front of a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee, 17 stylish apartments were waiting for us, equipped to a high standard and in a modern style, and most importantly, with large windows facing the Sea of Galilee, a dining room and function rooms adapted to the size of the number of participants.

The staff was courteous and kind. they took care of every detail and did everything so that we could celebrate in a festive and intimate atmosphere. During Shabbat, we were served three indulgent meals, the food was delicious, it was served hot and fresh, the desserts were wonderful and everything was served in an aesthetic way, generously and in great abundance. The rooms were clean and inviting and the intimate and unique atmosphere, the family formation and the gatherings for prayer and going to the Torah with the closest family members made for a particularly exciting and pleasant experience.

The charm of the hotel also lies in its location. The charm of the Kinneret that can be seen from almost every window, the proximity to the tombs of the righteous in the city and the possibilities of the trip in the city for those who wanted to go for a short trip between meals made the choice of Beit Europa a winning option.

On Sunday I spoke with Sima again on the phone, this time I was the one who called to thank her for the wonderful Shabbat, to get excited and share experiences together.

Why did you decide to celebrate the Shabbat of the bridegroom at Beit Europa and not at the synagogue together with the community, I asked Sima?

Hosting a groom for Shabbat is a complex hosting , Sima answered me. I wanted to celebrate it with family members, even with those who live far away, but in order to invite them I had to take care of accommodations for everyone, bedding, cook three meals, find a place for the meal that would accommodate everyone, and more. After all the running around and excitement for the wedding I wanted to be a guest at my event, I wanted to be happy with everyone without working hard.

Friends recommended on BEIT Europe in Tiberias. We went to get to know the place and the staff members we immediately felt that there was a chemistry between us. They listened to our needs, they responded to every request and the stylish and unique building won our hearts.

There is a synagogue two minutes away from the BEIT Europe, but we chose to hold our own minyan in the hall that the staff made available to us. We wanted to conduct the prayer in the form and hymns familiar to us since Father’s house, “and to be surrounded” during all the prayers by familiar and beloved people.

We set the Shabbat schedule. We set the prayer times, the meal times, it was also important for us to set a free time where it would be possible to travel or have family gatherings, sing, share experiences or activities for the children.

  And the price, could you afford the costs? I didn’t hold back and asked Sima

We conducted a market survey, compared different places and set a budget for Shabbat and the attractive price we asked from us at Beit Europa met our capabilities

,We will meet happily, I greeted Sima with the usual greeting at the end of the conversation and since then I have been waiting for the next joy


Beit Europa – you chose us, you are in good hands!

Beit Europa invites you to celebrate with us the groom’s Shabbat, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, silver or gold wedding and any other family event

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